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Leftover Earrings Challenge / Обици от остатъци

They are not exactly leftovers but they look like that on my messy working (=dining) table. Luckily for me, there was the We're All Ears 3rd Annual Leftovers Challenge on Earrings Everyday! We had to post a picture of our working table mess, sort out the leftovers and get making earrings. And here they are!
Това не са точно остатъци, но така изглеждат в бъркотията на работната ми маса. За мой късмет се появи Предизвикателството на остатъците в блога Earrings Everyday. Само трябваше да снимаме работния си безпорядък, да сортираме и подредим остатъчните мъниста и да се захванем с правене на обици. Ето ги и тях!

Obviously, the mess 😕
Очевидно, моята бъркотия 😕

The elements I selected to work with.
Елементите, които избрах.

With the first two pairs, I revisited this project - glass and jasper beads, wire wrapped connectors.
За първите два чифта използвах една стара идея, стъклени мъниста, яспис и елементи от тел.

The next pair harbored some beaded beads I made a while ago. I'm not sure about the crystal bead but I can remake them at any time, right?
С този чифт оползотворих едни залежали мъниста от мъниста. В смисъл, че се чудех къде по-напред да ги използвам и... вече не се чудя. Не съм много сигурна за кристалното мънисто, но нали винаги мога да ги преправя!

This last pair surprised me - I had bought the carnelian leaves long ago and just couldn't find the right design for them. The resin beads gave me the pop of color I needed and I really like them!
С последния чифт изненадах сама себе си - тези листа от карнеол бях купила доста отдавна, но все не им намирах приложение. А и в последния момент реших да ги съчетая с контрастни по цвят мъниста от смола. Харесват ми!

Let's hope I'll make more earrings before the end of next year 😀 Are you curious how everybody else did? Check it out here!
Да се надяваме, че няма да чакам края на следващата година за още една серия обици 😀 Любопитни ли сте какво са направили другите участници? Вижте ето тук!

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  1. All of yours are so fun and festive. I really love those beads that look like a big ball of other beads. Very cool! You definitely rocked this challenge!

    1. Thank you, Hope! I liked the beaded beads so much that kept them for a special project. Apparently, I have to make more ;)

  2. Love all the pairs. Your beaded beads are so beautiful and I think the crystal bead works great. The copper or brass links you made in the green earrings are very clever.

    1. Thank you, Janine! The beaded beads were my favorite components along with the wire wrapped links that I made :)

  3. They're all so pretty! ! Love your blue beaded beads!💖
    Merry Christmas! xo

    Laura 😊

    1. Thank you, Laura! I'm so glad everybody liked the beaded beads - they have been on my to-do list for a long time and this tutorial is apparently very good!

  4. Thanks for playing along with me, Miss Rozantia! I feel right at home in your crafty space, all the beads have to be right where I can touch and see them. I find that I rarely pull out things that I don't have right in front of me! I do really like those carved carnelian leaves. Very special beads. And I love them with the turquoise! Great job! Enjoy the day! Erin

    1. Thank you, Erin! I felt comfortable sharing my working table mess with people who will understand. And, by the way, looking at the picture, I found a package I had been looking for a couple of days earlier :)


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