17 септември 2014

Пак е сряда / BTW During Vacation

Пак е сряда и ето какво има на работната ми маса. Друг е въпросът, че тя е в София, а аз - в Обзор :)
It's Wednesday and this is what I got on my bead table. Just a small detail - it is in Sofia and I am in Obzor :)

Някои са проекти в зародиш, други съм замразила, защото не се получиха достатъчно ефектни, а последната гривна се нуждае от козметична намеса.
Some of these are ongoing projects, others didn't come out as in my imagination and the last bracelet needs some "make-up".

До следващата седмица!
See you next week!

Актуализация от 11.01.2015 -  тук може да видите какво стана с висулката от първата снимка!
Update as of Jan. 11. 2015 - you can check out what happened to the pendant from the first picture here!

4 коментара:

  1. I hope you are enjoying your vacation. Don't worry, the bead table will still be there when you get home. Oh, and I love the colors in that bracelet!

    1. We enjoyed a very relaxing vacation, Hope! Long walks and conversations with friends, some traveling, book reading and afternoon naps :) And just one afternoon devoted to some beading - but I tried something new, at least :)

  2. It seems no matter where we are, our thoughts are on our many projects. You may take the girl away from her beads but you can never take the beads away from the girl. :)

    Each project pictured looks marvelous but I totally understand when you say that some projects do not turn out the way one imagines them, I've experienced that too. On the other hand there are those wonderful projects that turn out far more beautiful than one every dreamed of. So it all evens out. :)


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