15 август 2020

Не се получава? Понякога трябва да се откажеш! / It's not working? Sometimes You Have to Give Up!

Упорството и постоянството се отплащат. Но някои неща трябва да ги прежалиш. Не останах доволна от първото оплитане на тази сива седефена мидена черупка. Дълго кроих планове как да я запазя, накрая я развалих и оплетох наново. Останалото е лабрадорит, черен обсидиан, ахат и тъмносини кристали.
Perseverance and consistency pay off. But sometimes you have to give up. I wasn't happy with the first weaving on this grey MOP sea shell. It took me forever to decide to dismantle it and make a new pendant. The rest is labradorite, black obsidian, agate and dark blue crystal beads.

Така и не снимах старата висулка, но мога да ви покажа рамката. Огромна и грозна, повярвайте ми. Ще се опитам да спася част от нея и ако се получи, веднага ще се похваля :)
I never took a picture of the old pendant but here is the frame. Huge and ugly, trust me. If I manage to salvage some of it, you'll be the first to know :)

Пазя и други такива провали, които ми е жал да разваля, защото съм вложила в тях много труд. Осъзнавам, че е безмислено и в скоро време ще ги разчистя. Дори това да означава да изхвърля някои от тях. Обещавам пред себе си :)
I've got a pile of stuff I'm hesitant to dismantle because of the effort and time that went into them. I realize it's pointless and will deal with them soon.  Even if it means to dispose of some of them. Promise to myself :)

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  1. Yes, it may be heart wrenching to cut away wire after working on it for a long time. I still have my early wire work - ugly but I don't have the heart to discard them. See if you can remove only the beads/focals from the wire without dismantling the frame. You may be able to reuse both of them that way.

    1. Yes, Divya, that's what I usually do and I have reused lots of frames but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by thinking how to do it and I'd rather start over with a fresh idea, accounting for the mistakes. I'm thinking of purging my stash but failed projects weren't even part of it :) Now they are!


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