понеделник, 22 май 2017 г.

Забавям, но не забравям / It's Never Too Late for New Jewelry

Имам цяла кутия с чужди мъниста и правото да творя с тях по всяко време, стига да е за законния собственик 😉
I have a full box of somebody else's beads and am free to create with them anything at any time as long as it is for the rightful owner 😉 Sometimes it takes long but it's a free will arrangement from a couple of years ago.

Колиета в синьо и зелено / Blue and green necklaces

Стъклени мъниста, лапис лазули, стъклени перли, ахат и яспис.
Glass beads, lapis lazuli, glass pearls, agate and jasper.

Гривна "Дрън-дрън" / The Jingle Bracelet

Защото дрънка 😄
Because it has a lot of dangles 😄

Обици "Цветен шепот" / Flower Whisper Earrings

Мъниста лампуърк с големи дупки, стъклени перли, кристали, аквамарин.
Large hole lampwork beads, glass pearls, crystals and aquamarine.

Колиета "Махалото" / The Pendulum Necklaces

Най-трудно ми беше да наместя мънистата с големи дупки - бяха твърде много и все различни. Затова измайсторих колиета тип "ласо" със... закачка. Следва продължение... 😎
The large hole beads gave me a hard time - there were many of them and all different. Finally, I created lariats... with a twist. To be continued... 😎

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  1. Oh I love each and everyone piece you created! The chain bracelet and the last leather bracelets are my favourites!

    1. Thank you, Ntina! The last pieces are not exactly bracelets though they could be, I just need to figure out the magic of a wrap bracelet that also fits as a necklace :) Anyway, my next post in a week or so will be about those last pieces and how to make them ;)

  2. That's an interesting arrangement. I'm not sure how I would feel about that. But, you definitely made a plethora of pretties with the box's contents. I think that first necklace is my favorite.

    1. I know it sounds weird, Hope :) According to some classifications, she is a "magpie" customer and she's purchased quite a lot of jewelry from me. But she got addicted to buying beads and charms, etc. on on E-bay and just handed them to me. I keep the leftovers and add findings and beads from my stash. I also do makeovers for her and this keeps me in shape - in addition to making just pretty stuff, I'm trying to come up with interesting ideas. I will show one in the next post ;)


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