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RozantiQ Jewelry

Всеки творец има нужда да сподели вдъхновението си. Когато започнах този блог на 15.12.2011, нямах представа какво ще се случи в бъдеще, а просто исках да споделям нещата, които правя и нещата, които харесвам. И да се забавлявам! Оказа се, че воденето на блог е колкото забавно, толкова и отговорно, а и подхранва стремежа към развитие, в моя случай в напълно неочаквана посока - започнах да творя бижута. Продавах в малки бутици, посещавах курсове и тази година участвах и в първия си базар. Дори публикувах няколко урочета! Така стигнах до следващата важна стъпка - регистрирах онлайн магазин и страница във фейсбук.
Every artist needs to share the inspiration. When I started this blog on December 15, 2011, I had no idea what to expect in the future, I just wanted to share the things I make and things I like. And have fun! It turns out, blogging is fun but also a responsibility and constantly feeds one's striving to learn new things and evolve, sometimes in unexpected ways - I started designing jewelry. I sold some pieces in small boutiques, took some courses and made it to my first art show this year. I even posted some tutorials! An online store and Facebook page were just another milestone.

Представям ви / May I present to you



Ето къде можете да видите бижутата ми онлайн / You can find my jewelry here:

Случайна подборка от неща, с които съм особено горда - дизайнът е мой, както и някои ръчноизработени компоненти :)
A random selection of pieces I'm very proud of in no particular order - it's my design and handcrafted elements :)

Какъв по-чудесен повод от този да разиграя подаръче? Ето какво трябва да направите, ако имате желание да играете за висулка от морско стъкло, оплетено с тел:
- да оставите коментар под тази публикация;
- да харесате страницата ми във фейсбук RozantiQ Jewelry (ако вече сте я харесали - брои се);
- да посочите в коментара начин за връзка;
- да надникнете в раздела за колиета от морско стъкло в RozantiQJewelry в Etsy, за да си харесате нещо, ако спечелите;
- и нещо незадължително, но би било приятно - да станете последовател на блога ми.
OK, I'm getting there - it's giveaway time! This is what you have to do in case you'd like to play for a wire woven sea glass pendant:
- leave a comment under this post;
- like my Facebook page RozantiQ Jewelry (it counts if you already have);
- leave your contact details in the comment;
- browse the Sea Glass Necklaces section on RozantiQJewelry on Etsy to pick one in case you win;
- become a blog follower - this is NOT MANDATORY but I would very much appreciate and love it!

Ще избера победителя на 11.12.2017, можете да участвате до полунощ българско време на  10.12.2017.
I will pick the winner on December 11, 2017 and you can enter until midnight EET (Eastern European Time) on December 10, 2017. This giveaway is international.

8 коментара:

  1. Gorgeous pieces, your wire work is spectacular!! Stay inspired, my friend! :)

    Laura xo

    1. Thank you, Laura! Well-wishing from virtual friends are a great part of the inspiration!

  2. Kudos to you Rosantia for setting up an online shop. I wish you lots of luck and lot more sales. I love all your pieces as they are made with so much love and patience and yes incredible skill. I would be lucky to get any of those if I win. I follow your blog and Facebook page

    1. And thank you, Divya, as you have been a part of this journey from some point on! Artists like you keep us inspired with sharing and support!

  3. As always, very beautiful pieces! I can't follow you on Facebook, because I don't have fb account. :)
    I already follow your blog.
    Good luck and wish you lot of sales! :)

    1. Thank you, lucky girl without a fb account :) I succumbed to fb because I wanted to follow many people who didn't have other accounts but, believe me, I could live without it! Hope to make some sales, though, ha-ha! You're in!

  4. And the winner is Divya! I posted a video on Facebook of the draw using True Random Number Generator and it was #2, i.e. #2 comment! Here is the link https://www.facebook.com/rozantia.petkova/videos/1169972999800380/. I've tried to post videos from my phone to Blogger but apparently, the format is incompatible or I am doing something wrong :)


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