петък, 9 ноември 2018 г.

Цветчета от мъниста / Beaded Flowers

Още от първия ми опит за плетене с мъниста беше ясно, че това не е моята техника. Но ме привлича по един странен начин и от време на време се поддавам на изкушението. Наскоро се увлякох по цветчета от мъниста (по това видео-уроче след 16-та минута) и си направих в различни цветове. С едните украсих една отдавна започната гривна от тръбички с плетка пейот. Ще ми повярвате ли, че пришиването им към тръбичките беше по-трудната част!
Right from my first encounter with seed beading it became clear that it was not my thing. But I'm strangely attracted to it and occasionally succumb to temptation. Like recently I got hooked on some beaded flowers (this video tutorial at 16th min.) and made several in different colors. I used some of them to decorate this peyote tubes bracelet that has been in the making for over a year. Would you believe me if I told you that sewing them to the tubes was the harder part?

Обиците направих само заради пискюлите - отдавна им бях хвърлила око!
The only reason I made the earrings were the "coral" tassels - I've been eyeing them for quite a while!

И още цветчета... Само трябва да намеря към какво да ги пришия :)
And more flowers... Now to find what to sew them on :)

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  1. When I first saw the tassels on instagram, I was like "What? When did Rozantia become such an expert seed beader?" Then I recollected your blue tubes necklace. And Now that I see the bracelet and the flowers I understand that this is not a passing desire that you succumb to but something that you can really do well. The flowers are lovely. Why don't you incorporate them in your wirework? It will be such a great contrast of textures - your sea glass and wire pendants with a beaded flower as a focal point

    1. Thank you, Divya and yes, adding the flowers to wire weaving would be awesome. After all, I am learning new techniques to diversify my jewelry!

  2. For something that's "not your thing", you sure are rocking it! I learned peyote WAY at the beginning of my jewelry-making journey and learned then that I just don't have the patience for tiny work. Your creations make me want to re-think that, but I know how frustrated it makes me. You're a much better beader than me for sure! :)

    1. Oh, thank you, Hope! The truth is, I am choosing easy projects that suit me. Making the tubes is a bit boring (a lot, actually) but the bracelet is totally worth it. I'm so glad you like my beading :) I didn't expect peyote tubes to be so versatile but they are!


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