вторник, 18 юни 2019 г.

Предизвикай вдъхновението / Challenging the Inspiration

Когато вдъхновението те избягва, най-добре е да опиташ нещо ново. Отдавна си бях набелязала това видео-уроче. Да си призная, врътките се оказаха доста коварни :) Ето какво успях да направя, а също и най-сетне опитах патиниране с варено яйце. Установих, че патината не е много тъмна и че най-близката до яйцето висулка остана най-светла. Като цяло съм доволна от резултата.
When inspiration avoids you, try something new. I had saved this video to watch later. The swirls proved quite difficult, you know :) Here is what I made and I also tried patina with boiled egg for the first time. The patina was lighter than I expected and the pendant closest to the egg was less affected. Generally, I'm happy with the result.

Вдъхновението май усети, че мога и без него и се завърна :) Колие с авторско издуто мънисто на PetrovnaLampwork, което е толкова красиво, че имаше нужда само от някаква рамка!
When inspiration realized I can do without it, it came back :) Here is a pendant with a gorgeous blown art bauble by PetrovnaLampwork - it just needed a frame!

Последното е доста по-малко, но отново съм се постарала да е забележимо :) - ахатова друза и мънисто ахат в лилави тонове в асиметрична композиция.
The last one is quite small but I did my best to make it noticeable - a mauve druzy agate and purple faceted agate bead in an asymmetrical design.

И закъде без веселяшки летни обици!
And some summery earrings!

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  1. I think that hte patina has bloomed really well - unless you were going for a jet black look for which you require liver of sulphur. An egg just won't do. If you want the wire to get darker, you can hang the pendants in your bathroom or kitchen - wherever there is steam for a couple of days. It is said to speed up the oxidation. It won't hurt your natural stone or glass beads either.

    1. I actually like the patina, Divya! I usually use vapors of ammonia solution but this time decided to try the egg. I'll have to try the steam to see how it works :)

  2. "When inspiration realized I can do without it, it came back" Lol how true, and happens more often than we realize. Love your carefully crafted pendants and the summery earrings. The boiled egg patina has turned out quite well - I was always under the impression that it would be even lighter.

    1. Yes, Anita, we shouldn't be intimidated by the lack of inspiration :) Thank you for your time and kind words! I didn't find LOS in Bulgaria so I had to try other means - ammonia solution vapors often result in greenish patina and some people don't like it. A boiled egg is much safer :)


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