петък, 16 август 2019 г.

Почти симетрично / Almost Symmetrical

За мое голямо разочарование, хората предпочитат симетрията пред асиметрията. От една страна, асиметрията дават свобода на въображението и резултатите са уникални. От друга, симетрия не се постига лесно. Което и ще докажем с днешната публикация ;)
Much to my disappointment, people prefer symmetry to asymmetry. On the one hand, asymmetry makes room for imagination and unique creations. On the other hand, symmetry is not easy. That's exactly what today's post is about ;)

Това колие е най-показателно за отношението ми към симетрията - отне ми почти година да го довърша :)
This necklace is the best example of my attitude to symmetry - almost a year in the making :)

И още  😃почти😃  симетрични колиета с морско стъкло.
More  😃almost😃  symmetrical necklaces with sea/beach glass.

Отдавна се опитвам да измисля симетричен модел, който хем да е по-лесен за възпроизвеждане, хем да отговаря на вкуса на повече хора. Може би съм се доближила до него с тези две колиета.
I've been trying to come up with a symmetrical design that would be both easier to reproduce and more likable. I may have almost done it with these two pendants.

А какво ще кажете за това сладурче :)
Isn't this a "sweet heart" :)

Е, дотук със симетрията :) За свое оправдание ще кажа, че парчето беше от гърло на бутилка, т.е. много извито и неравно.
Ha, so much for symmetry :) As an excuse, this was a very uneven bottleneck piece.

И така, симетрично или асиметрично?
What do you think - symmetrical or asymmetrical?

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  1. I prefer making asymmetrical pieces too. There are fun, more risky and are unique. But on an average clients do prefer symmetric (boring) pieces. I think the trick here is to go slightly symmetrical so as to retain uniqueness which you have done in your pieces. While the wire wrap is asymmetrical, maybe you can string it with beads/chain in a symmetrical manner - pleasing both yourself and probable clients in the process.

    1. Ha-ha, I tried to avoid the word boring :) I will certainly make symmetrical beaded cords for these pieces as they are small, too.

  2. I see the benefits of both. I find it amazing that you are able to produce so much symmetry with all the small details that go into your wire-wrapping. I also flip-flop between the two because I knew symmetrical is usually preferred. But, that also feels like someone wants perfection, and that's pretty impossible to obtain. Anyway, I think you've done a stellar job getting these to be as symmetrical as possible!

    1. Thank you, Hope! Of course, we can make only pieces we enjoy but it's a good point that we have to think of all customers' tastes :)


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