неделя, 19 април 2015 г.

Префасониране на манекен / Dress Form Makeover

Това е най-светкавичният проект за префасониране. Купих си пластмасов манекен (торс) за бельо (по интернет, употребяван), за да го използвам като стойка за колиета. Облякох го и... готово! Само трябва да измисля нещо за шията :)
Fastest makeover ever! I bought a plastic torso for lingerie display (on the internet, pre-owned), dressed it up and use it as jewelry display now! I just need to do something about the neck :)

Помните ли това колие?
Remember this necklace?

Тази висулка  тип "грозд" направих неочаквано с мънистата, които в онзи момент бяха на работната ми маса. Във верижката са "вплетени" стъклени синци и кристалчета на игли с ушенца.
This is a cluster pendant I made with random beads from my working table with a chain, interspersed with wire wrapped seed beads and crystals.

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  1. you can decoupage the whole mannequin with paper or lace fabric if you want. It might work better when you want to shoot chokers

  2. The torso mannequin looks lovely in her lace blouse. They are really nice to display necklaces on as the necklace drapes the way it would on a real person - unlike a flat easel display.
    I purchased a partial mannequin a couple of years ago. Got it from some shop on ebay. I would have liked to have bought one with a head attached but those were more expensive and , to be honest, some of the heads were a bit ugly, the ones with pretty heads were a lot more expensive. Also the skin tone on my mannequin is not a nice healthy pink color, she's sort of a sickly gray. I have thought about painting her but am afraid I'd end up making a huge mess. Mannequins are nice because you can easily change the look by changing the blouse or top. You can dress her up or down, depending on the look you want. . . oh and they never whine or complain or want an increase in salary. :D

    1. You're right, Anna Maria! I've bought a couple of tops but the neck needs more work. Decoupage, as Divya said, is a good idea. I'm not sure about painting it - you need special primer and paint for plastics. And it was really cheap :)

  3. Thank you, Divya! Decoupage is a great option, I just have to choose something neutral :)


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