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Базар № 3 / Craft Show Third Edition

Ще бъда кратка, но ще споделя много важно откритие - базарите са непредвидими! Този път бях направила много повече неща, мястото беше перфектно - в центъра на София, навън едно циганско лято, но продажбите бяха малко. И не само за мен, някои от съседите ми също се оплакваха. Но както каза една от тях, тези участия са инвестиция в самата мен - получих още харесвания на страницата си, много харесвания на живо, една от постоянните ми клиентки ми донесе морско стъкло и миди от Австралия, съседите ми пък с удоволствие ми връчиха морско стъкло, което са събирали, но не са му намерили приложение :) А и ще имам какво да добавя в магазина си в Etsy, който бях пренебрегнала напоследък. Нали знаете, всяко зло - за добро :) Можете да прочетете за предишните ми участия тук. А ето и някои от новите бижута.
This is going to be a short post but I'll share some valuable information - craft shows are unpredictable! I had made a lot more pieces than for the previous ones, the location was perfect - downtown, so was the weather, it's Indian summer here but sales were low. And it wasn't just me, some of my neighbors complained, too. But like one of them said, I'm investing in myself - I got more Facebook page likes, lots of compliments, one of my recurrent customers brought me sea glass and shells from Australia and my neighbors happily handed me sea glass they had collected but found no use for :) And I have lots of pieces to list in my Etsy shop that was neglected lately! So, on a positive note, this craft show was a blessing in disguise :) You can read about my past experience here. And below is some of my new jewelry.

Тези двете се продадоха веднага (а на едната дори нямам свястна снимка). Дизайнът е нов и бях принудена да го измисля. Случва се, когато имаш неудачни проекти с оплитане и счупени мъниста лампуърк :) Някой ден ще разкажа как ги направих.
These two pieces sold right away (and I don't even have a decent picture of one of them). It's a new design I was forced to come up with. It happens when you have failed wire weaving projects and broken lampwork, you know :) Some day I'm going to tell you how I made them.

Висулка с морско стъкло от серията "Кукерски маски"
Another sea glass Kukeri mask pendant

Висулка от серията "не знам как я направих", оплетката е богата и интересна, същевременно се вижда достатъчно от красивото стъкло.
A sea glass pendant of the i-don't-know-how-i-made-it series, the wire weaving is ample and intricate, at the same time the beautiful glass is not completely covered.

Малко, но изключително плътно и красиво парче морско стъкло, оплетено по един по-различен, но не по-малко интересен начин.
A small but thick piece of sea glass, wrapped in a slightly different but nonetheless beautiful way.

За разнообразие бях оплела и няколко естествени камъка, като тази ахатова друза, например.
I had also wrapped several natural stones like this druzy agate.

Тази висулка е вторият ми опит в стил "heady" - доста далече е от истински обемните висулки, които съм виждала, но постепенно сама научавам някои похвати :) Продадена!
This pendant is another try on heady wire wrapping - it's far from the real heady style but I'm gradually learning some tricks by myself :) It sold!

Направих и някои по-специални брошки.
I also made some fancy brooches.

Струваше си да видим и храм-паметника "Свети Александър Невски" на здрачаване.
The sight of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral against the twilight sky was well worth it!

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  1. It sounds that lack of sales didn't stop you from taking away as much as possible from the experience. You've made so much lately that you haven't shared. It's all fabulous. I can't even imagine how you do such intricate work. You have a real talent!!

    1. Thank you, Hope! I didn't think I had any talents in my early life and I really enjoy wire weaving and try to diversify my techniques. As to the show, yes, I didn't let the higher expectations ruin the whole experience :)

  2. The "i-don't-know-how-i-made-it series" made me chuckle as I can relate with you very well on that front. Today, shows are not money makers. The best way going forward is working with a social media influencer whose audience matches with ours. Products sell when they post a picture in Instagram and tag our page. I am not sure if you have any such people in your city/target audience but have personally had a good experience with this method.

    1. I'm sure there are such people here, Divya! I have come across a couple of names but I have to admit that I don't follow any of them on social media. The organizers of this specific craft show always invite one such person but my jewelry is not to their taste, I guess :) On the other hand, I haven't approached anyone for such cooperation. But thank you for the advice, it's very valuable, especially when based on personal experience!

  3. You are absolutely right - sales aren't everything for craft shows. They are a good way to get to meet potential customers and promote yourself. They may not buy that day but they might in the future!

    1. That's exactly why I just signed up for another craft show in December, Pearl! I really enjoy them with or without sales :)


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