18 март 2017

Inspiration In The Mail / Вдъхновение по пощата

... that, unfortunately, is not as reliable as it should be in the 21st century. My first parcel for my 2017 Bead Peeps Swap'n'Hop partner Erika Price from the UK got lost. Meantime, I received the package from Erika and it was overwhelmingly abundant with gorgeous beads - lampwork, polymer clay and Czech glass!
...която, за съжаление, не е толкова надеждна, както бихме очаквали в 21-ви век. Първата ми пратка за моя партньор в размяната на мъниста Swap'n'Hop Erika Price от Великобритания се затри. Препоръчана, с номер за проследяване, ала-бала, дрън-дрън. Междувременно, получих пратката от Ерика с огромно количество мъниста, от красиви по-красиви - лампуърк, полимерна глина и чешко стъкло!

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce Erika to you. Here is her introduction post. Erika said her favorite materials were sterling silver, gold vermeil and gold fill, metal clay and enamels and her own or the highest quality artisan handcrafted components and concluded: "...pity the poor person who gets me as their 2017 Bead Peeps Swap’n’Hop partner!" 🤣 Erika has been making jewelry for over 35 years since she studied silversmithing and jewelry at Art College and has tried just about every jewelry making technique. My favorite from the introduction on her site (worth reading): "Unique to you, timeless in style and designed to last, my jewellery is unlike anything available on the high street". Now, let her jewelry do the talking:
За мен е удоволствие днес да ви разкажа за Ерика. Това е нейното собствено представяне, в което предупреждава, че предпочитанията й са доста скъпички - сребро, позлатено сребро и позлатени елементи, компоненти от metal clay (т.е. глина със съдържание на частици сребро, злато, бронз или мед) и емайл и изработени от нея или други авторски елементи от най-високо качество. И в заключение казва: "...направо съжалявам бъдещия си партньор!" 🤣 Ерика изработва бижута повече от 35 години след завършване на курс за сребърна бижутерия в художествен колеж и владее всевъзможни бижутерски техники. Любимото ми изречение от представянето й в сайта (заслужава си да се прочете цялото) е: "...изработвам бижута, които са... уникални, вечна класика и различни от която и да е бутикова колекция...". Нека им дадем думата:

And this was the contents of my first (=lost) package:
A poppy I've been drooling over for some time from PetrovnaLampwork - Janna comes from Russia but she lives and creates in Bulgaria, how lucky for me!
Lampwork head pins from Dry Gulch - I sent Erika a pair and a single one.
Czech glass beads, a mix of Swarovski pearls and crystals, tiny faceted multi-color chalcedony beads, 925 silver spacers (some of them from Karen Hill Tribe Silver) and a 925 sterling silver clasp.
Ето и съдържанието на изгубената пратка:
Авторско мънисто лампуърк - мак - от  PetrovnaLampwork - Жанна е от Русия, но, за мой късмет,  живее и работи в България!
Авторски пирончета с главички-лампуърк от Dry Gulch - чифт и единично.
Мъниста чешко стъкло, микс от перли и кристали Сваровски, малки мъниста фасетиран халцедон, разделители и сребърна закопчалка проба 925.

I will post a picture of the second package when received by Erika.
Ще публикувам снимка на втората пратка, след като се получи.

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  1. It is sad when a package gets lost in the mail. My package to my partner has finally reached her after travelling for almost a month after I filed a complaint. Erika has sent you some lovely goodies, cant wait to see what you do with them

    1. True, I so hoped it will reach her even with a gross delay :( Especially because it contained the first art lamp work beads I ever bought :(

  2. Wow you received some amazing stuff! I too can't wait to see what you do with them! As for Erika's creations what can I say? They are amazing!

  3. What a shame about the lost package. Those are indeed some precious pieces. I pray this second one arrives safely (and that the first eventually gets found!).
    As for what you received, WOW! I love the color, and each of the bits are really beautiful too. I'm sure you're going to make something really amazing. Can't wait to see! :)

  4. What a lovely package you received, filled with treasures of turquoise blue and gold. When I clicked the picture to expand the view, my heart skipped a beat, each item is just gorgeous. Of course I am particularly fond of turquoise as it is my birthstone. :)

    I know that in your capable hands these wonderful beads and findings will be transformed into breath-takingly beautiful jewelry creations.

    1. Thank you, Anna-Maria! Sometimes, when you face so many beauties, you don't know where to start :) I think I am in this position right now :)


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