07 януари 2018

Лични предизвикателства 2018 - "Нещоправене" / Personal Challenges 2018 - Making Things

Подтикната от тази идея, която кръстих "100 дни на нещоправене", взех тежкото решение да си поставям лични предизвикателства през 2018, като се възползвах от свободата сама да определя натоварването. Научих за идеята от този блог и следях процеса със смесица от любопитство и завист - Crafty Hope направи 100 чифта обици за 100 дни, защо аз да не мога да направя по-малко? Представям ви своя олекотен вариант - "4 седмици на нещоправене" (#4седмицинещоправене за тези, които ме следят в Инстаграм):

- 4 седмици обици
- 4 седмици гривни
- 4 седмици колиета
- 4 седмици брошки

Provoked by this idea - #The100DayProject - I took the hard decision to set myself personal challenges with moderate levels of difficulty in 2018. I found out about it from this blog and followed the process with a mixture of curiosity and envy - Crafty Hope made 100 pairs of earrings in 100 days, why shouldn't I be able to make less? Here is my light version - 4 Weeks of Making Something (#4weeksofmaking for those, who follow me on Instagram):

- 4 weeks of earrings
- 4 weeks of bracelets
- 4 weeks of necklaces
- 4 weeks of brooches

Първата седмица вече тече. Ще публикувам седмично в Инстаграм (вече качих първата снимка) и в края на всеки период - тук, в блога си!
This is the first week. I will be posting on Instagram weekly (first picture already posted) and on this blog at the end of each period!

И накрая, няколко неща, по които работя в момента. Едното от тях може би е начало на нова колекция 😉
Before I go, some pictures of work in progress - maybe one of them is the first of a new collection 😉


Ако искате да разберете как съм се справила, вижте тези връзки: обици, гривни, брошки, колиета.
If you'd like to see how I did, check out these links: earrings, bracelets, brooches, necklaces.

6 коментара:

  1. Oh, you're much more ambitious than I was! Necklaces, bracelets, and brooches are so much more complex. Of course, I have confidence that you will totally rock this. I can't wait to see all the creativity that comes from this personal challenge. Have fun with it. My best advice is to not over-think it! (And, since you shared that generous link to my blog, I think I might better put some links on it to my results! Thanks for that share :) ) Enjoy your project.

    1. Oh, no, Hope, not that ambitious, I guess I had to be more precise - it's one thing a week for this challenge, apart from other makings :) Sometimes I make nothing for a whole week and I wanted to have a goal.

  2. I can't wait to see all the pretty things that you'll make!! The pendant you're working on looks awesome already! :)

    1. Thank you, Laura! I hope the pendant with the labradorite turns out really good - it's a custom order and the first two frames above actually went wrong with it :)

  3. You are very brave to set yourself personal challenges! Very elaborate and beautiful project you are working on. I can't wait to see the finish work. :)

    1. I don't often make promises on my blog because I have to keep them, Solange :) But this is a way to make me work even when I don't feel like it. I just don't want to push myself too hard, as you may have noticed ;)


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