23 юни 2020

Пръстени и обици от цветна тел / Colorful Wire Wrapped Rings and Earrings

Колко често мислите за залежалите си материали? Хващам се, че кроя разни планове за тях, но рядко ги осъществявам на мига. Затова реших да не изпускам тази идея с цветна тел :)
How often do you think about your hoarded materials? I make plans about them but rarely act right away. This time I decided to not let go this idea with colorful wire :)

Пръстени, увити с тел.
Wire wrapped rings.

Идеята беше твърде добра, за да не направя и обици :) Използвах рингове за ключове от запасите си 😉
The idea was too good to not make earrings :) I used key rings from my stash 😉

Ха, и тези шайбички също стават за обици! Само ги оцветих леко.
Ha, these washers make nice earrings, too! I just colored them a bit.

Урааа, разчистих още запаси 😁
Stash busters these are 😁

4 коментара:

  1. The washers look so artsy when coloured. You are on a roll here. The rings look great and the earrings will make a fun addition to your exhibition booths.

    1. Thank you, Divya! Actually, I will be doing my first show after the ease of the lockdown on Sunday and just had to make some new things :) I don't even remember when I bought the key rings and washers :) The problem here is that I may need more washers ;)

  2. These are all so fun! I especially love that first pair. I think I remember seeing them on Instagram, they've caught my eye again. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Hope :) The color combo of the first pair is my favorite, too. I love experimenting with a new idea in different colors, though :)


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