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Delighted to meet you, Swap N Hop Partner!

bairozan's blog: Добре дошли в 2018! / Welcome to 2018!

I will try to sum up the information for my to-be partner in the 2018 Swap N Hop. The link above is about my achievements in 2017 and below I added pictures of some jewelry I made in 2017. I do mainly wire weaving and stringing plus a little knotting. I have tried and taken classes in bead weaving but am still far from anything in this field. I think I can handle most colors. I don't like beads in the shape of body parts, faces, fertility goddesses and skulls, etc. I think sharing is important and fair and always share my sources. That's why I also post tutorials - to share firsthand experience.
Тази година отново ще участвам в международна размяна на мъниста - авторски и други. Това кратко представяне е предназначено за моя бъдещ партньор. Връзката по-горе е към публикацията за постиженията ми през 2017, а по-долу са снимките на някои от творенията ми.

Wire woven pendants with natural stones and sea glass
Оплетени с тел висулки с естествени камъни и морско стъкло


First wire brooches
Първите ми брошки от тел

Tutorial for leather and large-hole bead bracelets
Уроче за гривна с кожена корда и мъниста с голям отвор

Wire woven sea glass brooch tutorial
Уроче за брошка от морско стъкло и тел

Jewelry with art beads by Petrovna Lampwork
Бижута с авторски мъниста на Petrovna Lampwork

Transformers jewelry - brooch or necklace, it's up to you (the first one has a brooch pin at the back)
Бижута-трансформърс - по желание брошка или колие (първото има игла за брошки отзад)

Looking forward to having fun!
Предвкусвам удоволствието!

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  1. Amazing work! I also think that sharing is important but in a good fair way. I used to share my sources, but for some reasons that I won't explain here, I no longer do it ! :)
    Happy Sunday Rozantia!

    1. Thank you, Solange! I am sure you must have a serious reason not to do it, sometimes good intentions get misinterpreted or not appreciated, unfortunately :(

  2. Your creations are gorgeous, and oh my, I'm in love with your brooches!

    What a lovely idea, sharing is caring! :)

    Happy Sunday! xo

    1. Thank you, Laura! I started learning from free sources and am so grateful for the generosity of all those wonderful artists out there. I also want to pass this info to others who, like me, are just starting and looking for tutorials. Of course, later I bought some tutorials and took classes :)


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