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Базар - втори опит / Craft Show - second edition

Въпреки че бях решила да не участвам в големи базари (т. 5 от тази публикация), все пак опитах. Резултатът беше по-лош от първия път, но не мога да преценя дали е заради това, че беше трети пореден за два месеца; или пък защото другите бяха предпразнични, а този - следпразничен; или защото не беше специализиран само за бижута; или рекламата му не е била добра извън фейсбук; или е комбинация от всички тези причини плюс нейно величество случайността. Но гледам положително на този втори опит, защото:
1. Изработих доста нови бижута (не без помощта на съпруга ми, който ме остави да работя почти непрекъснато).
2. Личните срещи с хората, които харесват моите бижута, са безценни.
3. Едно е да видиш нещо на снимка, друго е да го пипнеш.
4. Запознах се и с някои интересни участници.
Even though I had decided to not participate in large craft shows (p. 5 of this post), I did it again. It went worse than the first one either because it was third in a row for the last two months; or the previous ones were pre-holiday and this was post-holiday; or it wasn't specialized for jewelry only; or wasn't promoted well enough outside Facebook; or a combination of all above plus unpredictable circumstances. On the positive note:
1. I made quite a lot of jewelry (thanks to my husband, who just let me work).
2. The personal contact with the people, who liked my jewelry, was priceless.
3. Viewing pictures is different from seeing things in person.
4. I made some new acquaintances among the other crafters.

Тук още не съм успяла да си подредя щанда като хората :)
I haven't finished arranging my display in this picture :) 

Ето и някои от новите бижута:
Here is some new jewelry:

Нов модел висулки от морско стъкло, оплетено с тел - подготвям отделна публикация за идеята.
A new design of wire woven sea glass pendants - I'm doing a separate post on what inspired them.

Една от новите висулки от естествени камъни, оплетени с тел - това е плочка ахат.
One of the new natural stone wire woven pendants - this one is an agate slab.

Висулки от мъниста тагуа, оплетени с тел.
Wire woven tagua beads pendants.

Гривни от куки, оплетени с тел.
Wire woven hook bracelets.

Гривни с кожени корди.
Leather cord bracelets.

Екстравагантни гривни с плочки Vintaj ("Винтаж"), ръчно плетени верижки от тел, обикновени верижки, кристали и естествени камъни.
Extravagant bracelets with Vintaj elements; wire wrapped chains, handmade by me; regular chains; crystal and natural stone beads.

Направих си още полезни изводи:
1. Някак свикнахме с рекламата във фейсбук, забравяйки, че не всеки има профил там. Дори съм пропуснала да кажа за базара на приятелка, която ми е и фен, отгоре на всичко! С една дума - и ние, и организаторите трябва да намерим начин за реклама извън фейсбук!
2. Наблягайки на оплетените с тел висулки, пренебрегвам гривните и обиците. Бях направила, разбира се, дори повече от първия път, но някои не можеха да се комплектоват. Следващия път ще трябва да изработя поне по два чифта обици към всяка висулка и гривна.
3. Въпреки че имах покани от галерии, досега не се бях възползвала. Мисля вече да опитам, за да покажа нещата си на живо.
I made more useful conclusions:
1. We got used to Facebook promotions, forgetting that some people do not use Facebook. I even forgot to tell about the show a friend, who is also my fan! Therefore, both participants and organizers should think about promoting outside Facebook!
2. My focus was on the wire woven pendants and I neglected the bracelets and earrings. Of course, I had made some, even more than the first time but only some of them matched the other pieces. Next time I should make at least two pairs for each pendant and bracelet.
3. Even though some galleries had contacted me before, I hadn't considered that option. I think it's time to try!

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  1. I find your bracelet to be amazing. Have you thought of extending the pieces with simple looped beads and make it into necklaces? People pay more for necklaces than for bracelets. In India people prefer sets - a necklace matched with earrings will sell better than a stand alone neckalce. If the client doesnt want the earrings we can always take it out and match it with another necklace or sell it separately. I feel that you could put together your unsold pendants and bracelets and make a piece for the metal awards show. You can later separate the components and sell them :D

    1. You're right, Divya, I hadn't considered making sets and this was a mistake, because people were looking for matching earrings. You just gave me an idea worth a thought - if not now, later :) The Vintaj elements were initially made to be necklaces anyway.

  2. Hi Rozantia, you look great, so nice to see you! You make such beautiful pieces, love them all!

    Laura xo

    1. Thank you, Laura! I went to bed three in the morning that night :) Indeed, it's great to visualize virtual contacts in real life situations!

  3. Love what you created for this show! I'm especially smitten with the agate wire wrapped piece. And, that bracelet with curved metal sides is especially sweet. Thanks for the reminder that not everyone has Facebook and that we should always continue to consider the personal factor. I hate that the how didn't go well, but it sounds like you still took a lot away from it. Best of luck with the galleries!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Hope! I don't feel too bad about the show, I realize it was not the best choice but one I had time to prepare for. But I learned something and found new fans (I hope). Besides, some of my pieces, like the hook bracelets, need to be seen in person.

  4. I am sure that next time it will go well! Your pieces are so beautiful and unique. No wonder that galleries are interested of your jewelry !

    1. You're so kind, Solange! I will make more shows for sure and hope for the better :) I'd rather sell my pieces personally but galleries are visited by more people and can make you popular ;)


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