20 април 2018

Paradise Earrings / Обици "Тропически рай"

The April challenge on We're All Ears is Paradise Calling. The one with the turquoise blue-green sea, lush greenery, exotic flowers and butterflies and mouthwatering fruit. How could I resist?
Предизвикателството на We're All Ears за април 2018 е "Тропически рай". Онзи с "тюркоазеносиньозеленото" море, пищната зеленина, екзотичните цветя и пеперуди и сочните плодове. Как да устоиш?

Cocktail On the Beach Earrings with red tagua leaves, irregular red turquoise  stones, multi-color wooden spacers, ceramic and silver color bead caps. Inspired by our close friends who live at the seaside and afternoon cocktails are a natural part of the daily routine. We only have to say what color, the rest is a surprise :) 
Обици "Коктейл на плажа" с червени листа от тагуа, мъниста червен тюркоаз, разноцветни дървени шайбички, керамично и метално капаче. Вдъхновени от много близки приятели от Обзор, където коктейлите са естествена част от деня. Само трябва да кажем какъв цвят искаме, останалото е изненада :)

Fluttering By Earrings in turquoise and purple with butterfly wings by Petrovna Lampwork.
Обици "Пърхащи крила" в тюркоазено-лилаво с пеперудени крила на Petrovna Lampwork.

Juicy Fruit Earrings with pomegranate art beads by Petrovna Lampwork and a wreath of pink pearls.
Обици с авторски мъниста във формата на нар на Petrovna Lampwork и венец от розови перли.

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10 коментара:

  1. Beautifully done. The vivid color combination in that first pair really grabbed my attention. I imagine all three pair would be quite fun to wear.

  2. I feel that the last pair is a great example of portraying "elegance with a twist". Their whimsy would make an interesting statement at a cocktail party

    1. Thank you, Divya! I thought they came out quite different from the other two, yes, they are more elegant, not so casual :)

  3. How funny that you made a pair of cocktail-inspired earrings too. And, those are my favorite too. I love that large red piece and the combination of colors you stacked above it. Of course, your other two pairs are sublime as well!

    1. Thanks, Hope! The first pair is the simplest but in striking colors and to me it looks most like "tropical paradise" :)

  4. Such a great diverse group! I love all the bright colors and textures, which is what I experienced everywhere we went on this cruise. And the cocktails...don't even get me started! I drank more in that one week than I do in a whole year! Thanks for playing along with me. Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Oh I just love that first pair! Such great colors! I would also enjoy having friends whip me up a mystery cocktail while wearing such great earrings. :)


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