05 юли 2020

Обици с цветя от плат / Fabric Flower Earrings

Ако не се бях захванала с телта, сигурно щях да се отдам на текстилните бижута :) Наскоро си открих едни цветчета-камбанки от сатен и ми дойде идеята да опитам нещо, на което се каня от доста време, но е трудоемко и все не го захващам - пискюл с капаче от разнокалибрени мъниста. Засега се пробвах с капачето, а целият пискюл остава за необозримото бъдеще :)
If it wasn't for wire weaving, I would've probably plunged into textile jewelry :) I recently uncovered some satin bell flowers and decided to try something I've been eyeing for a long time but looks too hard and time consuming - a beaded tassel with a beautiful beaded cap. This time it will be only the cap. The whole tassel will stay on hold for an indefinite while.

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  1. Oh! I would love to see more textile jewellery from you. If you think about it, both wire and fabric are fluid materials and will go together well.

    1. I hope so, Divya! One of the ideas was to make wire wrapped bead caps for these flowers but I really wanted to try this tutorial :) I may have to refashion these a bit and make more variants with the leftover flowers :)


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